First Aid at Work Courses

½ day First Aid at Work Annual Refresher

This ½ day course is designed for qualified first aiders to update their first aid skills and knowledge annually, until requalification training is required as recommended by the Health & Safety Executive.

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During this ½ day course, learners will develop the skills and knowledge needed to deal with a range of first aid situations; including...

  • Assessing an incident
  • Managing an unresponsive casualty
  • Recovery position
  • CPR
  • Wounds and bleeding
  • Managing a casualty in shock
  • Seizures

During the course each learner will be continuously assessed by the trainer on practical scenarios, including...

  • CPR and safe use of an AED
  • Unconscious casualty
  • Choking casualty
  • Wounds, bleeding and shock

In addition each learner will be required to complete a multiple choice theory paper based on the course content, which is marked by the trainer at the end of the course.

This course attracts a Qualsafe Awards First Aid at Work Annual Refresher (QAR) recognised qualification, which is valid for 1 year.

Annual Refresher
Once completed learners are recommended to continue maintaining their first aid skills and knowledge by attending another ½ day First Aid at Work Annual Refresher Course until requalification is due.

The Location:

  • Adequate lighting, ventilation & heating for the time of year
  • Adequate floor space & coverings for practical sessions
  • Close to male / female toilets and hand washing facilities
  • A proportionate size for the number of learners
  • Adequate exits in case of an emergency / fire
  • Free of intrusive noise for uninterrupted learning
  • Adequate seating for the number of learners
  • Power supply & blank wall for the digital presentation

The Learners:

  • Aged 16 years or over
  • Suitable for the task of learning
  • Able to provide photographic identification
  • Good physical health for the practical sessions

Our courses are fully inclusive of...

  • First Aid Certificates